Thursday, August 30, 2012

Juice Fasting

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Well, I am getting ready for a real juice fast.  I have been reading and hearing (movies, documentaries) for over a couple years.  I’ve juiced like this before but never gone on a fast.  Last year, after my wife and I married and returned from our honeymoon in Aruba, we are 100% raw food for a month.

Now I am interested in a juice fast, only drinking vegetable+fruit juices for 30 days; more if I feel like I am on a roll.  For the most part I am pretty lean, but I would like to drop the excess adipose fat and then concentrate on building more muscle.  Exercise make ‘em grow, nutrition make ‘em show!

Some of the documentaries I have watched include “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (2010)”, “Food Matters (2008)”, “Forks over Knives (2011)”, “Raw For Life (2007)”, “Simply Raw (2009)” and plenty of others like “Super Size Me (2004)” as well as a generous helping of Dan “The Man” on YouTube (life regenerator!) – including a couple of his CD’s “Raw Kitchen Essentials” and “Life Saving Salads & Dressings”.

My tools of choice are a Vitamix 5200 ($450) and a Breville 800JEXL ($300).

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

from Doug Casey on the 'Worsening Storm,' QE3 and the Hard Assets Alliance

Daily Bell: Can government be cut?

Doug Casey: No, I don't think so, because people have become too reliant on it. Americans are no longer self-reliant frontiersmen; they're now mostly dependent, inert and overweight consumers. You never hear people referred to as "producers," just as "consumers" − as if that were a good thing. The government is a major factor in their lives, and they like it. You can't cut Social Security because a huge swath of Americans are living on it and most retirees have no other assets or income.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Parsing URL query string in your web page (JavaScript)

This is a quick function I wrote that will parse out the query string name=value pairs and return an object with those names defined.  If no query parameters were supplied, the function returns undefined.

   1:  function getDocumentQueryVariables() {
   3:      // Return undefined if there are no query variables
   4:      if ( == 0)
   5:          return undefined;
   6:      var objVars = {};
   7:      var vars ='&');
   8:      for (var i = 0; i < vars.length; i++) {
   9:          var pair = vars[i].split('=');
  10:          if(pair.length == 2) {
  11:              objVars[decodeURIComponent(pair[0])] = decodeURIComponent(pair[1]);
  12:          }
  13:      }
  14:      return objVars;
  15:  }

For example, you could have “?search=something” at the end of your web page.  This function will pass back an object with a property called “search” set to whatever value was supplied.

For example

   1:      // Exit if there's no query variable(s)
   2:      var Q = getDocumentQueryVariables();
   3:      if (Q === undefined)
   4:          return;
   6:      // Perform search if we have one
   7:      if ( {
   9:      }

Bug-Out Bag

• Food
• Water and water filters
• Emergency medicine
• Light sources
• Blankets and thermal protection
• Firearms and self defense gear
• Radio and communications gear
• Extra fuel for vehicles
• Maps and navigation aids
• Spare cash
• Important documents such as passports
• Personal hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste, etc.
• Spare clothing and quality shoes (NO FLIP FLOPS!)